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When you hear the word 'touch' .....what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

 Note it, and for awhile keep that thought aside.

1. The most frequent word that is associated with touch these days is.... touch screen phones. 
We are bombarded with ads on television, hoarding, fact every mode of communication that features them.
You are definitely a gadget freak if you thought of phones.

2. Touching feet of idols, cows, elders or gurus. Shows your inclined towards religion and culture.

3. Touch to express feelings. Very strong and effective mode of communication. Warm hug from a loved one....most comforting.

4. Touch to thrash someone! Not many of us would associate the word touch with, for sure...

A word is capable of giving birth to numerous thoughts?

Words are conceived in our minds to become thoughts.Every second....without fail.

These thoughts can either be constructive or destructive. Our choice makes a huge difference.

Mind your thoughts, before they mind you.