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Second Chance

Second chance is a beginning. Sounds strange?
Let’s go back in time. When did you realise that you had missed a golden opportunity? When you had already missed it?
We tend to say, “I should had”, “that was the right time”, “I missed it” etc, etc. If you have ever said it, remember my friend that, while you regret you are at the verge of missing the second chance, if appropriate action is not taken.
The very fact of ‘realising’, in itself is an opportunity to make good the loss. Realization is essential and it precedes actions. Let’s go back to the first opportunity. You couldn’t grab it for some reason; you missed it and had to face some loss. Correct? Of course yes or else you wouldn’t have bothered to think about it. So what’s gone with time will not return; essentially in the same form. It is wise not to expect – the ditto; but to encash the second chance.
In our day-to-day routine you may not have exercised last week. Does that stop you from exercising next week? The moment you know y…

A unique friendship, an unusual love story

Once upon a time there was a boy who came across a girl. For some reasons the boy was interested in being friends with the girl. The reason was unknown to the girl, as in why be friends? After persuasion they began to chat like friends do. Conversation became longer and intense. Unknowingly they became friends and soon they realised that they were fond of each other.
Their wavelength matched and they discussed on various topics at a length. Soon they accepted that they had become good friends. In spite of differences, objection from families, they stayed connected. Both of them knew that they had someone to talk to when the world turned its back. Someone who would listen and understand.
Both of them were popular in their world and had many friends but they were very special for each other. Both were in love with each other as friends. They accepted this fact as well. They had unearthed the truth that their strong friendship was because of presence of love in their relationship; over th…