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On a day like today
I am suffering from a severe throat infection which has severely affected my vocal cords. Hence, I am unable to speak. Any attempt to speak is nothing more than blowing air which, may sound like a whisper or just, nothing.
So, my parents and father-in-law (FIL) are informed that I can’t speak. An instruction was given that at home all calls at the door and phone should be answered by anyone but me.
Challenge 1 I am in the living room seated next to the telephone, which rang. Unlike, otherwise I would have answered the phone but today I had a problem, I couldn’t speak. Three, four, five times the phone rang but FIL didn’t come to answer and I was unable to call him (remember I couldn’t speak). Fortunately, he arrived to answer the phone.
To answer the phone or get someone to answer the phone, could be a challenge was a though out of my radar until today.
Challenge 2 (FIL is on the phone talking) Yes, Mangesh has gone to office. Yes, she is home. Yes, but she can’t speak…