Dear Discounts

Dear Discount,

I am happy to see you more often these days. You are becoming active with every passing day. Your scale ranges from 10 % to 70 %. You are so attractive that shoppers just can't take their eyes off you. Is it traction or false attraction?

To tell you the truth, heavy discounts were never a part of my growing years, until, recently. The competition has become fierce. Online services have changed the demand and supply pattern with induced buying. The need for products and services are created using every possible means. Socially & psychologically we are forced into this vicious cycle of purchase. If products can be sold at a 50 % discount, someone is baring the 50 % cost of it. Or is someone making 50 % loss/less profit?

The game of discounts is addictive. It has one goal - generate as many bills as possible.

Discounts also remind me of Enrique Iglesias song...
You can run, you can hide, but you can't escape my trap (love)

Hoping to see you soon.
Yours sincerely,

Radha Krishna

My first attempt to use a charcoal and a canvas. Unsure of the results, almost involuntarily I picked the canvas and charcoal. In few mins, the sketch was ready. To my surprise, it was good. 

Is it Radha Krishna or by fluke? I, an amateur completed the sketch in no time, effortlessly.

Love was in the air.... in retrospect, I guess I became a Gopi/Radha/Meera for a while.

Radhe Radhe! Krishna Krishna! 

Love fills you with happiness. 

I am in love with the sketch - RadhaKrishna!

Eye for detail, a silly skill?

Specific skills are required for certain jobs. Eye for detail is one of the many skills required in my profession. How effectively I apply eye for detail skill at work maybe a question but, the habit to check minor details has become a way of life for me.

Yes, it is...I can point out minor differences or mistakes. This skill has helped me identify camouflage insects, objects and emotions.

This skill has helped me get rid of mosquitoes too...sounds silly but it protects me and my dear ones...

Which skill do you make good use of, other than killing mosquitoes?

Good Reads for pre-teens

A book is a gift you can open again and again
- Garrison Keillor

Reading books is giving wings to imagination and opening a door of abundance knowledge.

Top three short read pre-teen books are:
The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-ExuperyHorrible HistoryJungle Book by Rudyard Kipling

Happy Reading!

Cool or not cool?

Being 'Cool' is so cool. Cool people are liked, admired and loved. I too want to be a cool dude just like the famous....😎

But, wait a minute. Were cool people born cool? Yes or may be not. 

To be cool and continue to be cool is a matter of attitude. One doesn't need materialistic accessories, all you need is the right attitude!

Cool?....Don't get fooled. 😵

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing in the 21st century has reached almost every individual on this planet - as a subject, audience or as a marketer.

In the remotest part of the earth, in the
primitive area, digital marketers have made the residents a subject of propagation. Directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly they have become a part of digital ecosystem.

Surprisingly, few days ago, a parrot from Madhya Pradesh, India was in news for his hobby of watching bird videos on the mobile phone. This proves that digital advancements have affected and benefitted the society at large.

In this digital age, digital marketing is a must.
As an individual or a large corporate house, an NGO or be it a Government body, digital marketing is essential and effective to bridge the gap between a supplier and a consumer.

In this digital age, remember each one of us is a brand and each one of us is a digital marketer!

India Vs Pakistan

The Asian continent has two neighbouring countries, that have been creating news  for more than 70 years. India Vs Pakistan, LOC or Cricket, war or sport. Both the nations have been trying to prove their dominance over the other.

Politics and Media have flourished in these two nations because their citizens take pride in being Vs. Media takes complete advantage of the viewers emotion to ignite strong reactions by airing silly commercials and amplifying unnecessary news. For politicians Vs is an undying agenda to be in news and gain votes. 
Making haterade a reason to feel happy or proud is in itself is unacceptable. These forced emotions are wrongly influencing young minds. 
It is important that we take sports sportingly. Let's not dump haterade, let's generate positivity.
Let's learn to look beyond...India Vs Pakistan.