On a day like today
I am suffering from a severe throat infection which has severely affected my vocal cords. Hence, I am unable to speak. Any attempt to speak is nothing more than blowing air which, may sound like a whisper or just, nothing.
So, my parents and father-in-law (FIL) are informed that I can’t speak. An instruction was given that at home all calls at the door and phone should be answered by anyone but me.
Challenge 1 I am in the living room seated next to the telephone, which rang. Unlike, otherwise I would have answered the phone but today I had a problem, I couldn’t speak. Three, four, five times the phone rang but FIL didn’t come to answer and I was unable to call him (remember I couldn’t speak). Fortunately, he arrived to answer the phone.
To answer the phone or get someone to answer the phone, could be a challenge was a though out of my radar until today.
Challenge 2 (FIL is on the phone talking) Yes, Mangesh has gone to office. Yes, she is home. Yes, but she can’t speak…

We Learn, We Grow

9 to 5, Monday to Friday, April to March, we work towards achieving goals professional and personal. We learn, we grow.

Today between 9 to 5, I came across a new word from a random person - Spasibo.
Spasibo sounded musical and interesting. Interesting stuff leads to action. Action to result. Result - I learned a new word.
Spasibo random person and all those who have helped me take action.
Spasibo (Thank you) for reading!

In The World of Digits - Two Zero One Eight

We are born and surrounded by digits; we live in the world of digits. They give us hope, they give us pain. They play tricks and change the game.
After results are declared, digits can change the future. At the month end digits as sales-figure matter.
Digits… a way to gain and lose weight. Digits is also… days left, till we meet again.
More the digits in bank account, luxury becomes affordable all around. 
Increasing digits make you wise and sensible.  Without digit life seems impossible.
In digits we lie (ten mins away). In digits we shine (99 %).
In digits we measure success (30% pay raise). In digital we celebrate (1st, 18th, 50th, 75th birthday).
With digits we connect better (binary language). With digits we increase in numbers…
As you read and realise the world of digits we live in; please make a note of upcoming ‘Two Zero One Eight’ (2018). Make resolutions, make the most of it. With new hope, energy and positivity, welcome 2018 to make a ‘real difference’. Because, digits will only satisfy …

It’s My story

Indeed it’s my story. I am the writer, the thoughts came to my mind. I penned it down. I am the receiver of critics and applause. It is my responsibility because; my story is a creative reflection of me.
So, is my life and yours too! 
Life is yours, take the responsibility and make it worth reading. Cherish and nurture it, to make it worth… applause. Go ahead…create a wonderful story. Good Luck!

Let’s find you!

You are lost my dear friend, come let’s find you; Burdened you are with responsibilities somewhere, come let’s find you.
Lost in the rat race you are, come let’s find you; Lonely in crowd you might be, come let’s find you.
Aligning, suffering silently you might be fighting somewhere, come let’s find you; Focused you are achieving your goals, in success we will find you.
Happy with the world around, in joy we will find you; In this journey called life, we will surely find you.

Celebration Beyond Pose to Post

Celebrations few years ago were surely beyond pose to post. We met family and friends to share, care and celebrate the occasion. Time use to fly, while we were too busy catching up on each other.
Contrary to those days, these days before the celebrations we check the current trend and make ourselves occasion ready. On the day of occasion we exchange greetings hurriedly and began to pose and click till our hearts content. Once we are happy with our own pictures we began to upload. The moments are cherished as the likes increases. The occasion is then well celebrated.
This is how, we the current generation and few members of the older generation celebrate occasions - ‘pose to post’. Some might call it moving towards west, some might blame the new generation and some might say it is the making of an insensitive society. Let’s not play the blame game here. Let us move a little inwards, let’s call for a new generation lets be a part of society that celebrates togetherness, spreads peace and …

When I Lost You

When I lost you, I was lost. Since then, life has been a catastrophe. I had expected it but, no amount of preparation prepared me to face it. Few more days, few more hours and those three magical words; expectations haven’t come to an end till date; I fight with God every day. For the world years hav
e passed and memories have faded but my heart whimpers with each passing day.
I lost you, to find…that you are so important to me, that I am so madly in love with you, that your love made me what I was and what I am today! I lost you but in me you live today! In the way I act, in the manner I react, my thoughts guarded and decisions guided, it’s not me, it’s all you. Now I know…when I lost you, a part of me became you!