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DUE RESPECT... is about woman and her basic right, which few me n& women deny to acknowledge. A conversational poem between, him & her

Sad she is abused; sad she is raped, Sad she is wanted; she is gang-raped. A mother, a sister, or a daughter, Taken for granted, her self-esteem slaughtered. What can she do, where will she go, Helpless and shameful she will have to let go. Deep is the pain, deeper is the agony, Breaking news is flashed, what a tragedy. She is just being her, problem is your mindset, Change your thoughts, her world will reset. She needs no support, she needs no empowerment, With respect, you treat her, at least make an ATTEMPT.
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Evening by a Stream

  I sit by a quite stream on a nice evening; Steady breeze and birds chirping. I breathe the air, so light and fresh; My doubts and worries come to a rest. I see clear - sky's reflection; I feel the love and your affection. I close eyes, I drop a tear; In you oh stream my pain disappears. I sit by a quite stream on a nice evening; As the sun sets, I make a new beginning.                                                                     - I M Dalvi Image courtesy


Yes! I am making a bold statement. It’s not easy. During the lockdown, when the world was suffering, nations prepared to face the catastrophe and mankind fought against the invisible, lethal enemy, we at individual-level got an opportunity. An opportunity to extend help, an opportunity to introspect, an opportunity to redefine our lives, an opportunity to weigh the importance of tangible Vs intangibles, an opportunity to improvise, an opportunity to confess. Well, on one of those days of mass suffering, I was preparing evening tea. The cyclonic wind made its way through the window, to the burning stove, and hit me before quickly disappearing. I continued with preparing tea. Added one, two, three, four, five, six teaspoons of sugar.  The sixth teaspoon screamed at me, “You are a cheater”.  During the pandemic, health has become a primary concern to me and I am sure to you too. I am aware that sugar adversely affects our immune system. So, I was added the right numb
YOGA #COIVD-19 has given each one of us an opportunity to understand and practice #yoga. If you are interested in learning yoga you should start with reading Patanjali Yog Sutra .  You should know that Yoga is beyond Asanas , it is a way of life.  Take a deeper dive and explore what Yoga is. To know more about Patanjali Yog Sutra visit: To have a look at the  online celebration of the 6th annual International Yoga Day 2020 Click here   Remember,  late B. K. S. Iyengar  said,  “Yoga cultivates the ways of maintaining a balanced attitude in day-to-day life and endows skill in the performance of one’s actions.”

World Environment Day 2020

#TimeForNature Please share awareness to Protect BioDiversity

Let's Fly

  'Let’s fly in the open sky' Every morning while I sip tea, I watch the birds fly.   Birds – black, white, brown, blue & green spread their wings to glide from one end to another, occasionally flapping their wings & maneuvering. In the evening they return to their nest in flocks as the sun is about to set. Birds – some hardworking, some shrewd, some swaggering & most musical. Some wonder, they migrate. Some inhabit in our surroundings. Birds – small & big, they fly.  A source of inspiration and fascination. Let’s fly like a bird as per our capacities. Let’s not be afraid of heights & falls. Let’s comprehend that some migrate and rest reside. Let’s sing the music of life. Let’s flock together. Let’s fly in the open sky


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