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New Generation ...Paro!

Paro is a therapeutic robot baby harp seal. It is very cute and is designed to have a calming effect and elicit emotional responses in patients. The cost of this robot is little more than Rs. 3.5 lakhs.

Wondering why I mentioned about Paro?

Because, you may consider investmenting in Paro, it can also be of immediate relief.

In case you have aligning parents and you and your family is unable to spend quality time, Paro will be of great help. (Paro will also help elevate your social status - high-end technology @ Rs. 3.5 lakhs. Tweets and FB shall surely propogate it across the long friends list). Post clicks with Paro and aligning parents you can go back to your busy routine. 

Do think from investment point of view as well....because you might have to practice what you are (unknowlingly) preaching.

Ignorance is bliss, it...truly is!

Early this week in morning before settling at work I thought of having a chocolate. Quickly I grabbed my purse and picked one of my favourites from a small pan shop right outside my office compound.

Work was usual and at good pace. Some important emails were sent with regards to an event. Some disappointments and some chit chat got me to the end of the day at work. 

Boarded western local till Dadar. Usual faces around and a couple of new had filled the compartment. From Dadar western line I have to change to central line to reach home. Here too I came across known faces (TC, vendors on the footover bridge) while rest of the world rushed from one end to the other.

Met a friend at the central line after a long time. Discussed about the younger generation and some comments on life and people, got me faster than usual to my station. 

The area I live in is like a village where you come across known faces most of the time. Today, unfortunately the autowala wasn't an known face and got caugh…