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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing in the 21st century has reached almost every individual on this planet - as a subject, audience or as a marketer.

In the remotest part of the earth, in the
primitive area, digital marketers have made the residents a subject of propagation. Directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly they have become a part of digital ecosystem.

Surprisingly, few days ago, a parrot from Madhya Pradesh, India was in news for his hobby of watching bird videos on the mobile phone. This proves that digital advancements have affected and benefitted the society at large.

In this digital age, digital marketing is a must.
As an individual or a large corporate house, an NGO or be it a Government body, digital marketing is essential and effective to bridge the gap between a supplier and a consumer.

In this digital age, remember each one of us is a brand and each one of us is a digital marketer!

India Vs Pakistan

The Asian continent has two neighbouring countries, that have been creating news  for more than 70 years. India Vs Pakistan, LOC or Cricket, war or sport. Both the nations have been trying to prove their dominance over the other.

Politics and Media have flourished in these two nations because their citizens take pride in being Vs. Media takes complete advantage of the viewers emotion to ignite strong reactions by airing silly commercials and amplifying unnecessary news. For politicians Vs is an undying agenda to be in news and gain votes. 
Making haterade a reason to feel happy or proud is in itself is unacceptable. These forced emotions are wrongly influencing young minds. 
It is important that we take sports sportingly. Let's not dump haterade, let's generate positivity.
Let's learn to look beyond...India Vs Pakistan.