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Happy Children's Day

Today, 14 November brings back old sweet memories. As a child, each day was amazing and fun-filled. Some standard restrictions had taught me to adapt and enjoy my child-life. Then, children's day was just like any other day filled with enjoyment. Unfortunately, those days didn't last forever. Fortunately, children's day brings back sweet memories of those days. As I recall I must admit that I am more than happy to be born in the pre-mobile era. Where, elders were my mentor, lots of friends and TV series were limited to a few hours a week.
Bryan Adams once said ' those were the best days of my life'. Indeed, they were. Those days were the best, they have molded me to who I am, today!
I wish every child has a funfilled day, close to people, close to nature, innocent, tension-free, peer pressure free childhood - today and every day.
Happy Children's Day!
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