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Yes! I am making a bold statement. It’s not easy. During the lockdown, when the world was suffering, nations prepared to face the catastrophe and mankind fought against the invisible, lethal enemy, we at individual-level got an opportunity. An opportunity to extend help, an opportunity to introspect, an opportunity to redefine our lives, an opportunity to weigh the importance of tangible Vs intangibles, an opportunity to improvise, an opportunity to confess.
Well, on one of those days of mass suffering, I was preparing evening tea. The cyclonic wind made its way through the window, to the burning stove, and hit me before quickly disappearing. I continued with preparing tea. Added one, two, three, four, five, six teaspoons of sugar. The sixth teaspoon screamed at me, “You are a cheater”. 
During the pandemic, health has become a primary concern to me and I am sure to you too. I am aware that sugar adversely affects our immune system. So, I was added the right number of teaspoons but just 3…

Change is Difficult, Gradual

We all are aware that ‘Change is Constant'. But at the same time, it is difficult and gradual. Most of you will agree.
I would like to share an experience.
While I was helping my child search for colour papers, I came across a bookmark. The site of the bookmark made me happy beyond the boundary. This shows my love for books.
Immediately, with the bookmark in my hand, I rushed to my reading area. I had to use the bookmark without any delay.
However, my excitement vanished in no time. Wonder why?
Currently, I am reading an e-book. This is my first e-book.
A habit makes change difficult but persistent attempts will gradually bring about change. Therefore, to bring about substantial impact, the change should become a habit.
Remember, change is difficult, gradual and at the same time Constant. 
Source: My article on LinkedIn