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Celebration Beyond Pose to Post

Celebrations few years ago were surely beyond pose to post. We met family and friends to share, care and celebrate the occasion. Time use to fly, while we were too busy catching up on each other.
Contrary to those days, these days before the celebrations we check the current trend and make ourselves occasion ready. On the day of occasion we exchange greetings hurriedly and began to pose and click till our hearts content. Once we are happy with our own pictures we began to upload. The moments are cherished as the likes increases. The occasion is then well celebrated.
This is how, we the current generation and few members of the older generation celebrate occasions - ‘pose to post’. Some might call it moving towards west, some might blame the new generation and some might say it is the making of an insensitive society. Let’s not play the blame game here. Let us move a little inwards, let’s call for a new generation lets be a part of society that celebrates togetherness, spreads peace and …