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In The World of Digits - Two Zero One Eight

We are born and surrounded by digits; we live in the world of digits. They give us hope, they give us pain. They play tricks and change the game.
After results are declared, digits can change the future. At the month end digits as sales-figure matter.
Digits… a way to gain and lose weight. Digits is also… days left, till we meet again.
More the digits in bank account, luxury becomes affordable all around. 
Increasing digits make you wise and sensible.  Without digit life seems impossible.
In digits we lie (ten mins away). In digits we shine (99 %).
In digits we measure success (30% pay raise). In digital we celebrate (1st, 18th, 50th, 75th birthday).
With digits we connect better (binary language). With digits we increase in numbers…
As you read and realise the world of digits we live in; please make a note of upcoming ‘Two Zero One Eight’ (2018). Make resolutions, make the most of it. With new hope, energy and positivity, welcome 2018 to make a ‘real difference’. Because, digits will only satisfy …