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Take a Look

Take a look at people around you. They all are so different but at the same time have some commonality. Let me share my perspective. I see three categories (broadly) – intellectual, not so intellectual and ignorant.

Intellectual are those who listen to all, intently and do what their heart says. Decision taking is independent and not influenced. They reflect pride and arrogance in certain levels.

Not so intellectual, are the ones that get influenced by the intellectual ones and take pride of being superior when with ignorant ones. They are the strugglers.

Ignorant ones are blessed. They are neutral with either of the above. They listen, give their opinion and take decisions, sometimes under influence or independently. They do not compete nor do they doubt others.
So as I was identifying and allocating…I found myself right in front of…..a mirror…..hahaha…..yes, I asked myself, Who am I? May be all three, at some point of time!

What about you?

Knowledge is Power

The famous quote by Sir Francis Bacon - 'Knowledge is Power' is taken literally by many.

They need to be reminded.....'In vain have you acquired knowledge
if you have not imparted it to others.'
- Deuteronomy Rabbah

If you feel secured by not sharing knowledge, you surely are an insecured person and at the same time in doubt of your capabilities.

Many have tired to preach us....let's learn before it's too late.

'Share your knowledge.
It’s a way to achieve immortality.'
- The Dalai Lama

Kind People - Version I & II

From the huge bunch of people we know and interact with, we come across few kind ones. These people do good things, help others and are ready to volunteer. They are selfless most of the time. How closely can you associate yourself with this lot of Kind People (version 1)? You must have definitely volunteered or helped someone at some point of time or come across one.
We also have version II - Kind People. When observed closely you will find a few typical ones in this version. They are subjective or relative in their act of kindness. In most scenarios they help others as per their convenience and wish. They take the onus to decide for you – what is wrong or right? To the world they are kind but, on the contrary they are imposing kindness which the receiver is unable to reject. Distinctive feature of these guys is that they care-less of the associated impact that their act of kindness has.
Emotions, commitment, freedom, dependency, involvement are few of the many intangibles that need to b…