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Let's Fly

'Let’s fly in the open sky'Every morning while I sip tea, I watch the birds fly.

Birds – black, white, brown, blue & green spread their wings to glide from one end to another, occasionally flapping their wings & maneuvering. In the evening they return to their nest in flocks as the sun is about to set.

Birds – some hardworking, some shrewd, some swaggering & most musical. Some wonder, they migrate. Some inhabit in our surroundings.

Birds – small & big, they fly. 
A source of inspiration and fascination.

Let’s fly like a bird as per our capacities. Let’s not be afraid of heights & falls. Let’s comprehend that some migrate and rest reside. Let’s sing the music of life. Let’s flock together. Let’s fly in the open sky


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Migrants in India

The world has come to a state of nowhere, almost. Somebody, somewhere triggered the spread of the deadly virus which is growing and eliminating mankind. The catastrophe has highlighted the state of migrants in India and world-over.
In India migrants travel 100s of kilometres on foot to find a job that fulfils their basic need – food. They move as per the season – tourist season, construction, monsoon…..and so on. They keep moving. Unfortunately in spite of regular interstate movement, they are hand to mouth.
In this world of poor & plenty, they move from one destination to another. So, while they walk 200, 300 kms on a regular basis their food, shelter and rest is taken care at Dhabaas, definitely not for free. They earn their roti by working at the Dhaabas.
No work, no income, so as the tradition goes they want to move to a new destination. This time it is called ‘home’. To return home is their only wish during COVID-19. As we know during normalcy records are broken, inventions applau…