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Sam, Indu, Krissh and I met through a carpool app. We carpool to work. Our office hours & location is the same. We work in a different organization but in the same business park. It’s been almost two years since we are pooling.
I have noticed, with every passing year Mumbai traffic is becoming bad to worse, and so is the work pressure. It competes with the increasing Mumbai traffic.
To beat the traffic we leave before traffic wakes up. But evenings are….. I have to mention about monsoon. Monsoons bring relief from the rising temperature but at the same time, it terrorizes us. Flooding, road closure and kilometers of jams. Sometimes I feel I spend my precious time in the traffic. And rest of the time I think I live my life in Mumbai traffic. Luckily, KIS (Krish, Indu, and Sam) keeps me entertained and going. I find my work-life balance in Mumbai traffic.
I work till 6 pm so does KIS. My office environment is vibrant and demanding. Thanks to our corporate communications team who help …

An Evening in Mumbai

On a lovely weekday evening, you have been driving for more than two hours in Mumbai city.  You have almost reached your destination, after a long tiring day at work. You are 800 meters away from your home. For some unknown reason, you start to think that the traffic is just not moving. You check google maps on your phone ….darrrrk red line for another 200 meters. You put the phone down, gently. This was the 8th time you have checked google maps in the last 10 minutes.
To kill time you change the radio channel. You hear the radio jockey reporting in a single breath about the jams in Mumbai city. That’s when you get a call. “Hello, I’ll be there in 10 mins” that’s all you say without emotions. And suddenly, you hear a loud knock on the window, which intensifies every microsecond emphasising the emergency situation. There he is, selling peanuts…. Singhdana. Politely you shoo him, he immediately disappears.
As he disappears you notice the rickshaw meter reading Rs. 110 for 1.2 kilometers.…