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Who am I?

The first news I came across in 2020 was about a Bollywood movie crossing 100 Cr mark. This happened when Pragun mentioned about a blog hop she was hosting based on Bollywood. The prompts were thoughtful but filmy. As an individual, I am filmy but my writing is not. That’s when I noticed this inseparable aspect of movies.

In this post, the climax will reveal the identity of the protagonist, until then enjoy the suspense.
Who am I?
I am sweet but most of the time I am salty. Pls note, you have met me and you have liked me.
I am feather-light, my figure is unique. You and I have watched many movies.
In the park, by the lake or at home. You & your family prefer me to kill your boredom.
I love your family, they are too filmy, That’s the reason I hang around with your family.
Your mother turns 16, when she sees Shahrukh on screen Then you father quips, with some singing.
‘Aaane wala pal, jane wala hai’, says your father In response ‘ye kaha aageye hum’ sings your mother
While you all watch, you te…