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Easy & Effective Storing of Vegetables & Milk during Lockdown

#CoronaVirus has changed the way the entire world functions. We are compelled to stay at home to fight the pandemic. #Covid19 is the primary challenge we all are facing today. But, there are many secondary challenges too like....storing of vegetables and milk.
MILK: Essential food item to many esp. kids. One way to store milk is to place it in the freezer and use it as per the requirement. But, we might not have enough space in the freezer during difficult times (lockdown). A better and easy way to store milk in beverage bottles. Bottles can be stored vertically and at the same time can be stacked one above the other. this hack not only creates more space in the refrigerator but also makes it easy to use.LEMON: A rich source of vitamin C, the immunity booster. Lemons are best stored in a plastic airtight bag. To ensure that every lemon has extended shelf-life, pack them individually in airtight bags. Zip locks may not be available with you. In that case, make use of grocery plastic bag…