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When I Lost You

When I lost you, I was lost. Since then, life has been a catastrophe. I had expected it but, no amount of preparation prepared me to face it. Few more days, few more hours and those three magical words; expectations haven’t come to an end till date; I fight with God every day. For the world years hav
e passed and memories have faded but my heart whimpers with each passing day.
I lost you, to find…that you are so important to me, that I am so madly in love with you, that your love made me what I was and what I am today! I lost you but in me you live today! In the way I act, in the manner I react, my thoughts guarded and decisions guided, it’s not me, it’s all you. Now I know…when I lost you, a part of me became you!

Uninvited Friend

Life is full of surprises. Some good, some bad. With open arms we welcome happiness and trouble is always uninvited.
My friend, this is life. We all know the fact…happiness is short, good friends are few and future, always unknown. As we walk on the curved path of life, cautious decisions, content mindset, curiosity to learn and empathy towards (at least) mankind will make life better. Tough times should be faced with right friends around; family as friends and friends as family.
Here, we need to note that in life, more than once we will come across an uninvited friend. Remember, an uninvited friend is nothing but an invitation to trouble. So don’t leap for more, learn to say no, because decisions of today are shaping our tomorrow and affecting our present.
Let’s pause while we walk. Let’s screen, filter and eliminate. Too many is not always good, nor required let’s get wiser. Let’s make sure, that an uninvited friend always remains uninvited.