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Dear Discounts

Dear Discount,

I am happy to see you more often these days. You are becoming active with every passing day. Your scale ranges from 10 % to 70 %. You are so attractive that shoppers just can't take their eyes off you. Is it traction or false attraction?

To tell you the truth, heavy discounts were never a part of my growing years, until, recently. The competition has become fierce. Online services have changed the demand and supply pattern with induced buying. The need for products and services are created using every possible means. Socially & psychologically we are forced into this vicious cycle of purchase. If products can be sold at a 50 % discount, someone is baring the 50 % cost of it. Or is someone making 50 % loss/less profit?

The game of discounts is addictive. It has one goal - generate as many bills as possible.

Discounts also remind me of Enrique Iglesias song...
You can run, you can hide, but you can't escape my trap (love)

Hoping to see you soon.
Yours sincerely,