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Distorted Shadows

As a child the world around me was perfect, with perfect shadows. Wonder whether I was wrong or innocent...but those were my good old days.

Today, when I see people shinning bright in life, they look good. But, their shadows don't match them. They are distorted.

What they say, the way they act, ethics they follow and their sense of connect with others, all is self-centric. Hence, their shadows are distorted.

The times of individuals with hallo are long by gone.

Hope to come across shadows that aren't distorted.

Tough Times, in Life

In life we come across lot of ups and downs. Tough times are always long and good ones short.

Tough time is like drowning. You sink in trouble....deeper and deeper. If you hold your breath afloat and swim to your destination. Similarly, in life during troubled times the most important factor is to hold ur breath .ie. let the bad phase pass and then head towards your goal.

From the moment you hold ur breath you start moving forward in life, the phase passes and you get back to your good phase of life.

At times it may seem to take too long to reach the surface. Take shelter in arms of Faith and you surely will reach the surface.

So, hold your breath...because we all have and we all do, in this journey called life. Life is a blessing, lets appreciate it!


Love is liking towards a person, creature or thing that grows multifold for no specific reason when you come across that person, creature or thing.
- imd

The feeling of being in love is good and its best to first fall in love with....yourself! Take care.

What you want?

In our busy metro schedule we all are well aware want we want. Our wants are numerous, they are based on different categories:
Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quaterly, Annually. This is the most simplified way of looking at our wants. We want pay hike annually, vacation half yearly, grocery monthly so on and so forth.

We strive to achieve it...and we want the best.

Strange, but I have come across a 'Want,' which people are seeking for desperately.

This group is looking out for listeners. A companion, a friend who can listen to them, understand their feelings, emotions. In our busy lifestyle we fail to find one, no matter how many frds we have on Facebook or how often we are busy texting on whatsapp...we don't find a good listener when we want him/her the most.

Think about it!