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Change is Difficult, Gradual

We all are aware that ‘Change is Constant'. But at the same time, it is difficult and gradual. Most of you will agree.
I would like to share an experience.
While I was helping my child search for colour papers, I came across a bookmark. The site of the bookmark made me happy beyond the boundary. This shows my love for books.
Immediately, with the bookmark in my hand, I rushed to my reading area. I had to use the bookmark without any delay.
However, my excitement vanished in no time. Wonder why?
Currently, I am reading an e-book. This is my first e-book.
A habit makes change difficult but persistent attempts will gradually bring about change. Therefore, to bring about substantial impact, the change should become a habit.
Remember, change is difficult, gradual and at the same time Constant. 
Source: My article on LinkedIn