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I am making a bold statement.
It’s not easy.
During the lockdown, when the world was suffering, nations prepared to face the catastrophe and mankind fought against the invisible, lethal enemy, we at individual-level got an opportunity.
An opportunity to extend help, an opportunity to introspect, an opportunity to redefine our lives, an opportunity to weigh the importance of tangible Vs intangibles, an opportunity to improvise, an opportunity to confess.

Well, on one of those days of mass suffering, I was preparing evening tea. The cyclonic wind made its way through the window, to the burning stove, and hit me before quickly disappearing. I continued with preparing tea. Added one, two, three, four, five, six teaspoons of sugar. The sixth teaspoon screamed at me, “You are a cheater”. 

During the pandemic, health has become a primary concern to me and I am sure to you too. I am aware that sugar adversely affects our immune system. So, I was added the right number of teaspoons but just 3/4th of it. I was cheating – 3/4th instead of 1 teaspoon.

On that cyclonic evening, I realized that we are highly capable of cheating. We cheat almost every day. Like, we say a ‘Yes’ when we want to say a ‘No’. We convince ourselves that it’s ok to eat unhealthy food. We tell our parents that, ‘I studied for three hours’, whereas we daydream most of the time. We spend more time is preparation than actually exercising. We cheat when we break a promise made to ourselves. We cheat ourselves every time we cheat others.

Humans cheat. It is a naturally occurring phenomenon. So, don’t be afraid to accept it or talk about it.
I urge you to continue cheating but, with a difference. Cheat for a good cause. Cheat for good health. Cheat for the well-being of all. Do cheat but for Good. Because we cannot wipe out the naturally occurring phenomenon, we can tweak it. Keep cheating, keep spreading joy. Do share your unique cheating story and inspire many. Waiting to see your post, ‘I am a cheater’.

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