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Migrants in India

The world has come to a state of nowhere, almost. Somebody, somewhere triggered the spread of the deadly virus which is growing and eliminating mankind. The catastrophe has highlighted the state of migrants in India and world-over.
In India migrants travel 100s of kilometres on foot to find a job that fulfils their basic need – food. They move as per the season – tourist season, construction, monsoon…..and so on. They keep moving. Unfortunately in spite of regular interstate movement, they are hand to mouth.
In this world of poor & plenty, they move from one destination to another. So, while they walk 200, 300 kms on a regular basis their food, shelter and rest is taken care at Dhabaas, definitely not for free. They earn their roti by working at the Dhaabas.
No work, no income, so as the tradition goes they want to move to a new destination. This time it is called ‘home’. To return home is their only wish during COVID-19. As we know during normalcy records are broken, inventions applau…

Easy & Effective Storing of Vegetables & Milk during Lockdown

#CoronaVirus has changed the way the entire world functions. We are compelled to stay at home to fight the pandemic. #Covid19 is the primary challenge we all are facing today. But, there are many secondary challenges too like....storing of vegetables and milk.
MILK: Essential food item to many esp. kids. One way to store milk is to place it in the freezer and use it as per the requirement. But, we might not have enough space in the freezer during difficult times (lockdown). A better and easy way to store milk in beverage bottles. Bottles can be stored vertically and at the same time can be stacked one above the other. this hack not only creates more space in the refrigerator but also makes it easy to use.LEMON: A rich source of vitamin C, the immunity booster. Lemons are best stored in a plastic airtight bag. To ensure that every lemon has extended shelf-life, pack them individually in airtight bags. Zip locks may not be available with you. In that case, make use of grocery plastic bag…


Sam, Indu, Krissh and I met through a carpool app. We carpool to work. Our office hours & location is the same. We work in a different organization but in the same business park. It’s been almost two years since we are pooling.
I have noticed, with every passing year Mumbai traffic is becoming bad to worse, and so is the work pressure. It competes with the increasing Mumbai traffic.
To beat the traffic we leave before traffic wakes up. But evenings are….. I have to mention about monsoon. Monsoons bring relief from the rising temperature but at the same time, it terrorizes us. Flooding, road closure and kilometers of jams. Sometimes I feel I spend my precious time in the traffic. And rest of the time I think I live my life in Mumbai traffic. Luckily, KIS (Krish, Indu, and Sam) keeps me entertained and going. I find my work-life balance in Mumbai traffic.
I work till 6 pm so does KIS. My office environment is vibrant and demanding. Thanks to our corporate communications team who help …

An Evening in Mumbai

On a lovely weekday evening, you have been driving for more than two hours in Mumbai city.  You have almost reached your destination, after a long tiring day at work. You are 800 meters away from your home. For some unknown reason, you start to think that the traffic is just not moving. You check google maps on your phone ….darrrrk red line for another 200 meters. You put the phone down, gently. This was the 8th time you have checked google maps in the last 10 minutes.
To kill time you change the radio channel. You hear the radio jockey reporting in a single breath about the jams in Mumbai city. That’s when you get a call. “Hello, I’ll be there in 10 mins” that’s all you say without emotions. And suddenly, you hear a loud knock on the window, which intensifies every microsecond emphasising the emergency situation. There he is, selling peanuts…. Singhdana. Politely you shoo him, he immediately disappears.
As he disappears you notice the rickshaw meter reading Rs. 110 for 1.2 kilometers.…

Who am I?

The first news I came across in 2020 was about a Bollywood movie crossing 100 Cr mark. This happened when Pragun mentioned about a blog hop she was hosting based on Bollywood. The prompts were thoughtful but filmy. As an individual, I am filmy but my writing is not. That’s when I noticed this inseparable aspect of movies.

In this post, the climax will reveal the identity of the protagonist, until then enjoy the suspense.
Who am I?
I am sweet but most of the time I am salty. Pls note, you have met me and you have liked me.
I am feather-light, my figure is unique. You and I have watched many movies.
In the park, by the lake or at home. You & your family prefer me to kill your boredom.
I love your family, they are too filmy, That’s the reason I hang around with your family.
Your mother turns 16, when she sees Shahrukh on screen Then you father quips, with some singing.
‘Aaane wala pal, jane wala hai’, says your father In response ‘ye kaha aageye hum’ sings your mother
While you all watch, you te…

Copyright Free Christmas e-cards

Dear Readers,

Thank you for your support, it means a lot!
This Christmas I would like to share two e-greetings cards designed by me for free use.

Copyright-free e-cards for use!      

Download, add your name and use it.
Thank you once again... 
Merry Christmas!

Change is Difficult, Gradual

We all are aware that ‘Change is Constant'. But at the same time, it is difficult and gradual. Most of you will agree.
I would like to share an experience.
While I was helping my child search for colour papers, I came across a bookmark. The site of the bookmark made me happy beyond the boundary. This shows my love for books.
Immediately, with the bookmark in my hand, I rushed to my reading area. I had to use the bookmark without any delay.
However, my excitement vanished in no time. Wonder why?
Currently, I am reading an e-book. This is my first e-book.
A habit makes change difficult but persistent attempts will gradually bring about change. Therefore, to bring about substantial impact, the change should become a habit.
Remember, change is difficult, gradual and at the same time Constant. 
Source: My article on LinkedIn